Wholesale Orders

Wholesale Orders

Yes! We do wholesale. Below are some of the ways we have done wholesale in the past, but don't hesitate to reach out if what you have in mind doesn't quite fit these options. 

Small Wholesale Orders

Min order: 20 pieces 

For smaller orders, we offer fabric from our stock of Kona cotton solids and/or quilting cotton prints. We usually have 4 solid colors to choose from, and a mix of rotating prints. We can also use fabric you provide, although we are committed to only using tight weave 100% cotton as that is what the CDC recommends for cloth face coverings. We can also offer a mix of prints and solids depending on your needs. Sometimes healthcare workers from the same office or hair stylists in the same coop go in on orders like this! 

Large Wholesale Orders

Min order: 100 pieces

For larger orders we offer custom solid colors with the option of branded tags, as seen above on a Bellingham Flag mask. We can source almost any solid color for you. The tags are high quality woven fabric and totally custom! Depending on your timeline, we can accommodate orders of most any size. In the past, we have typically fulfilled orders like this of 300-600 masks.

Our Wholesale Customers so far: 

Contact Us

Please let me know the quantity and timeline for your order, as well as any customization requests. I can provide you with pricing information answer any questions you may have. We look forward to working with you! 

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